How were we able to improve Fabienne's financial situation?

We started by analyzing her overall portfolios from her former bank and investment advisor. She recently decided that she wanted to make a change and researched many financial institutions until she found one that she felt spoke to her specific needs. Fabienne is now working with the Marmot team and is much happier about the conversations she has around her finances.

She discovered Marmot through the referral of a close friend and feels much more relaxed about her finances. The new investment strategy now has a goal that fits to her life and an investment strategy that is based on values that are close to her hear such as sustainability.

Who is Fabienne and what does she do?

Fabienne is Co-Founder of GOLF WAVES, a premium marketing and events agency created by three powerful women who love golf, are passionate about events and have marketing running through their veins. They’ve got oceans of creativity and a wealth of experience in event management, having organised European Tour events with thousands of spectators, corporate tournament series for major corporations and boutique events offering customised experiences. With creative ideas, innovative concepts and active experiences, they provided unforgettable moments for their customers.