Josephine Stiller

Medical Surgeon
  • Working as a medical surgeon
  • Income of 200’000 CHF a year
  • Married, mother of 2 young children
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Client Journey

Julie is a very dedicated surgeon and mother, who put the wellbeing of her family at the top of her priorities. For this reason, she often felt tense and conflicted. Julie wanted to ensure that her children would have a great education and travel opportunities in their future. 

She considered investing her income to generate more returns. However, her knowledge of the financial market was limited, as neither she nor her husband had ever invested before. The idea of creating an investment portfolio overwhelmed her, as she feared that she would lose the money she gained after so many years of hard work.

Still, desired to have more stability and certainty about her family’s financial security. She also envisioned having the chance to travel around the world with her children in the future.

The Challenges

Our team supports Julie with:

  • Overcoming her investing-related fears
  • Creating her first investment portfolio aligned with her personal family goals
  • Creating an investment portfolio for her kids, which they can take over when they are old enough, allowing them to benefit from compound interest

The Results

  • Julie has peace of mind concerning her financial situation and long term stability
  • She has a plan that will enable her to buy a new house in the next 3 years
  • For the first time, her children will be able to visit another continent in the summer

Another success story

Anna Sulzer

Lawyer & Banker
  • Worked as a corporate lawyer at a leading bank, now early retired
  • Income of 350’000 CHF a year
  • Wealth transfer due to separation CHF 2.5mn
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Anna Sulzer
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