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Financial education

How do we support financial education of our community today?

Financial education is the basis for your wealth. We offer different options to start as an investor:
For newbies we offer our financial magazine with money saving tips and building the right wealthy mindset.
For women that like feel not confident to start to invest, we offer money mindset coaching.
For Women that feel that their investment situation is not optimal, we provide financial planning sessions to improve your personal finance situation.
With our Wealth Management Mandate will provide a tailored solution for you to take care of your investments at your bank, with a focus on the impact and purpose of your investments and tailored to your life-cycle.

Why dedicated financial education for women and what more?

Studies show women typically earn less over their lifetime than men and subsequently retire with less money.

This can be attributed to a myriad of factors like gender pay gaps in certain industries, or simply the fact that women take breaks from the workforce to start a family. There’s also the ‘pink tax’ where women tend to pay more for products tailored to them like health and beauty, or sanitary products.

On top of that, women are also generally more cautious and risk-averse when choosing investment options, which means they either tend to invest less or later in life, thereby reducing their yield potential. That’s why financial planning for women matters most.

Taking all above into account, we will even more build our community around the paramount important topic of financial literacy for women with more webinars, coachings, events, memberships and collaborations.
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