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Marmot App

With our Marmot Financial Goal Calculator we help you to define and achieve your individual investment goals.
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Piggy bank

Money Makeover Quiz

With our Money-Make-over-Quiz you can find out your money- mindset and learn what type of investor you and the next steps for financial health.
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Sample Letter

With our sample letter you can examine your bank assets, the performance of your bank and the cost structure.
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Portfolio Check

With our Portfolio Check you get immediate insights of your current financial portfolio compared to the right market benchmark.
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You have Financial Goals. We Know How to Achieve them

Financial Goal Calculator

What financial goal would you like to achieve?

Step 1
You choose your financial goal and will be educated on how to best reach it
Step 2
You are are asked for saving and investment amout
Step 3
App calculates the timing and yield effect of investing for your defined goals
Step 4
App offers different risk profiles for reaching your goal
Step 5
Result is sent to your e-mail with summary and download link
Step 6
You receive a tailored investment proposal

Money Makeover Quiz

Ladies investors

Our sample letter helps you examine your bank assets.

Thanks to our extensive experience in working with banks and asset managers, we know the right tricks and can help you stand up for your rights and interests.

To do so, we have personally prepared this letter for you with all the important questions to ask your bank. All you need to do is fill in your details, send it to your bank and wait to recieve all the answers you need to make the most out of your wealth and sleep sound at night.

Your first step to achieving your personal investment goals
together with our team of expert power women

Individual analysis
Our female experts will create an individual financial analysis and allocate the total cost of your current bank
Free choice of bank
We are the only Wealth Manager in Switzerland that allows the choice of your preferred custodian bank
Financial goals
Our team of female experts will gladly inform you about the potential for improvement and tailor it to your gender specific financial goals
Instant result
Marmot’s self made Portfolio Check will get you instant results on the yield, costs and structure of your portfolio

Start our FREE Portfolio Check and get immediate insights of your current financial status compared to the benchmark and most importantly: See how your Portfolio would perform with our algorithm!

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