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What we do

We offer financial management for women, with a focus on gender equality and sustainability.

What is a digital wealth manager?

Make your money work harder for you with our personalized investing platform that makes it easy for women to build wealth and plan for retirement.

Before Investing, we empower women with lots of education and information about financial management that entails strategic planning, organising, and investing  your money.

Financial management for women is also about having a clear picture of your financial situation and what you can do now, to take care of your future! That’s where our Marmot investment coaches  come into play.
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Sustainable Investing with a Mission

Personal Wealth Management with Marmot Premium

We believe that it is crucial to know the social, economic and environmental impact of our investments and that the investments we make are aligned with our goal's mission.
Tailor-made investment strategies with criteria / restrictions according to own specifications
Personal CIO- Consulting
Worldwide diversification
Ongoing portfolio optimization
Sustainability reporting / focus
Tactical management
Select-Membership in Marmot Community
ETF, active funds, individual securities
from 1 Mio. CHF/ EUR / USD
Management fee of 0.9 to 0.4% p.a.
Institutional costs
Financial coaching

Financial Community

The Marmot community is taking charge of their financial future. Access educational resources and work with certified financial planners, lawyers and tax experts who are committed to helping you meet your financial goals.
Looking for financial coaching on your current financial situation and what you can do today?
Lady and Finances
Mobile friendly
Digital Investing with a Mission

Marmot Easy

Marmot Easy is our efficient Investment Starter Solution including bank account opening  based on the ETFs, starting with 10'000 CHF or EUR
Investment strategy with 9 different risk-return profiles
Online customer support with personal onboarding
Worldwide diversification
Ongoing portfolio optimization
Sustainability reporting
Membership in Marmot Community
from 10'000 CHF/ EUR / USD
Management fee of 0.65% p.a.
Financial Community

Financial Community

Together we are stronger and happier. We exchange ideas to sort out the best investment strategies and connect you with the best talents with expertise in specialized topics. The world has gotten very complex to find all the answers by yourself. Never fly alone.
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