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We offer financial management for women, with a focus on gender talent and sustainability.

What is Financial management?

Financial management is more than just knowing how much money is in your bank account. Financial management entails strategic planning, organising, directing, and investing of your money.

Financial management for women is also about having a clear picture of your financial situation and what you can do now, to take care of the future you! That’s where Marmot financial advisors come into play.

Why do women need financial planning?

Studies show women typically earn less over their lifetime than men and subsequently retire with less money.

This can be attributed to a myriad of factors like gender pay gaps in certain industries, or simply the fact that women take breaks from the workforce to start a family. There’s also the ‘pink tax’ where women tend to pay more for products tailored to them like health and beauty, or sanitary products.

On top of that, women are also generally more cautious and risk-averse when choosing investment options, which means they either tend to invest less or later in life, thereby reducing their yield potential. That’s why financial planning for women matters most.

Want to make your money work for you?

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Investing with a Mission

Impact Wealth Management

We believe that it is crucial to know the social, economic and environmental impact of our investments and that the investments we make are aligned with our goal's mission. This stands at the core of ethical investing.
Financial coaching

Financial Coaching

We are renumerated solely by our clients and not by any third parties, thereby avoiding any conflict of interest. Our only interest is the one we want to see you earn on your investment portfolio!

Looking for financial coaching on your current financial situation and what you can do today?
Financial Community

Financial Community

Together we are stronger and happier. We exchange ideas to sort out the best investment strategies and connect you with the best talents with expertise in specialized topics. The world has gotten very complex to find all the answers by yourself. Never fly alone.
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