Introducing MARMOT

Our mission is to get more money in the hands of women.

Grow your money nuggets and change the world for the better.
Our digital investing platform uses gender-specific salary curves and longevity data to provide personalized recommendations and forecasts.
Quick tips, workshops, and guides to learn, created by our team of financial planners and coaches.
Our mission is to get more money in the hands of women to grow nuggets to change the world— starting with you.

Make an impact — without giving up the opportunity for competitive returns.

  • Marmot has flipped the boring and traditional approach to investing with a real-life, mission- based approach. Clients select personal financial goals such as buying a property, starting a compay, raising a family, and retiring well or travelling the world, among others. 
  • Marmot is unique in taking into account a woman’s longer lifespan and different salary curves, combined with her current financial situation, to construct highly customized investment portfolios for each of her goals. 
  • Marmot’s unique algorithms are designed to get the client to her goal number or better in 70% of market scenarios, higher than traditional financial advisors.

“I want to make sure my kids are taken care of,
no matter what.”

Karin Sulzer • Zurich
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We advised Celine as a young professional that relocated from Scandinavia to Switzerland.

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Only good things happen when women have more money.