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introducing MARMOT - where women invest
Marmot is on a mission to close the gender money gap.
Princesses sleep on peas, Marmots sleep on nuggets.
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Why women should invest their money nuggets now.

Massive pension gap
In Switzerland, 6 out of 10 women work part- time. In addition, there is approx. a break of 4-5 years due to family planning. As a result, there is a gap in your retirement savings.
Longer life expectancy
Women live on average 4-5 years longer than the men, so women need more money when they grow older. We work together for the yield you need.  
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No return, no assets
Savings in cash will sooner or later be eaten up by inflation, so it is important to invest money nuggets in the stock market. Women are rather risk- averse when it comes to investing money. Though in many studies women perform better than men when it comes to returns.
What we Do

We get more money in the hands of women+.

  • Marmot has flipped the traditional approach to investing with a real-life, goal-based approach. Clients select personal financial goals such as buying a home, starting a business, raising a family, and retiring well, among others.
  • Marmot is unique in taking into account a woman’s longer lifespan, different salary curve and her current financial picture, to construct highly customized investment portfolios for each of her goals.
  • Marmot’s unique algorithms are designed to get the client to her goal number or better in 70% of market scenarios. Higher than traditional financial advisors.

Before working with Marmot, I often felt disrespected and treated dishonestly by banks. They did not listen to my needs and were not transparent with results.
Now, this has luckily changed.

Karin Sulzer • Zurich
A powerful tech platform to enable women and especially female entrepreneurs to connect and learn.
We support your finance decisions from the comfort of your sofa.
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60+ years experience in banking and financial advisory.

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What we do with our money has the power to change the world.

Marmot was founded to help close the gender money gap, but we welcome clients of all gender identities and expressions.

Our digital investing platform uses gender-specific salary curves and longevity data to provide personalized recommendations and forecasts for your goals. Marmot serves clients living in Switzerland, and clients that contact us from all over Europe.

For women+ looking to invest a minimum of CHF 100K+ we offer goal-based private wealth management.  
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