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Why Marmot?

Why did we choose Marmot as a name?

What do marmots have to do with money and growing wealth? ... And why should we all want a little marmot in our pocket for rainy days? Here’s the story... 

It all started 2’500 years ago when Herodotus, an ancient Greek historian, wrote about a fox-sized ‘golden animal’ that was used to find gold in the ancient Persian empire.

These little animals would dig their burrows deep into the ground to prepare for hibernation during the long winter months. If there was gold buried, the golden dust would appear in the dirt above these holes. The ancient Greeks would then look for the golden dust in order to find gold for themselves.

But that’s not the only way that marmots can relate to investors…

These golden animals live up high, in our beautiful Swiss Alps. They live in big communities or families called colonies. After all their hard work of finding food to last them through the winter and digging their deep holes to survive the long winter, they hibernate from September until May.

In May, when they are finally able to come out again, they can be seen spending their days lounging around on rocks, soaking up the sun. Similar to smart investors... they are able to enjoy a relaxing full life after all of their consistent work and smart planning.

So...are you ready to have your very own Marmot to lead you to the gold and help you strategically plan for a long life of enjoyment?

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Our story

In 2017 Tom’s wife Carina founded her own digital interior design platforms, Upscale Interiors (for homes) and Upscale Spaces (for offices). Tom supported her in any way he could and during his collaborations with her and her team he began to better understand the female perspective... especially when it came to money and mindset. As he got more curious, he started asking them more questions about stocks, investing, financing a company or financial planning. He discovered one overwhelming truth... there was still a lot of fear and confusion for some women around investing and growing your wealth.

Tom noticed that some of these insecurities led to bigger problems which also blocked these women from the benefits, opportunities & freedom that came with taking care of their financial wellbeing. He decided to build a platform, a community, and a special service that catered especially towards women.

This is how Marmot was born. Marmot is where women invest, where women can gain clarity and comfort about protecting and growing their wealth. Since then, Tom has been building a team of strong women to help inspire more women around Switzerland.

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Your financial health matters more than ever.

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Your financial health matters more than ever.