Minna Schmidt

Minna Schmidt

Investment Coach

Minna is a financial coach at Marmot and helps women achieve Financial Wellbeing and accelerate their wealth building. Minna has a background of 15 years in consulting for the financial industry and asset management at McKinsey & Company and BlackRock.

Born and raised in Finland, she is a global citizen having lived in 6 countries on 3 continents and has an MBA from INSEAD and a master’s degree in economics. She lives in Switzerland with her husband and two children.

She is passionate about investing and empowering women on their journey to Financial Wellbeing.Throughout her finance and consulting career, Minna was frustrated by the lack of progress in gender equality and the missed opportunities for women in terms of building wealth. And even in her own life, she kept her head in the sand for years – she was earning well but did not take the time to create a long-term financial strategy and starting to invest. When she finally took control of her finances and put her money to work, she realized that Financial Wellbeing gives you freedom, security, and more options. She also realized that it is not easy to set up your finances optimally, even if you are from the industry.Many women know that they should manage their finances better, but they face many hurdles like feeling insecure, being overwhelmed by options, or lacking the time.

Minna’s mission is to help her clients take control of their financial situation and make their dream future into reality. She provides inspirational financial coaching that helps her clients achieve transparency on their financial situation, sets up a consistent system for investing, addresses their questions and helps them flourish along their financial path.