Carina Kümmeke

Founder of Upscale Interiors
  • CEO of a fast-growing Interior Design company
  • Married, mother of two children
  • Highly committed to her kids’ future and wellbeing
Investment Strategy & Budgeting

Carina’s Story

Founder and CEO of Upscale Interiors AG, Carina believes in the value of good interior design to enhance work productivity. Her company has done more than 385 interior design projects across Europe, both residential and commercial spaces. Upscale Interiors uses cutting edge technology and innovations in its designs, proving that women have as much leading capability as men when it comes to tech. Carina’s goal at Upscale is to make good design more accessible to a wider audience, ultimately motivating people to work better and happier. 

As CEO of a fast-growing company, Carina wanted to organize all her assets. As a mother, she urged to ensure that her children’s future would be the best possible. With these goals in mind, Carina decided to request Marmot’s support to help her put her finances in order.

Our Support

Our team supports Carina with:

  • Separation of her financial assets in her business from her private assets
  • Setting up a conservative investment portfolio focused on sustainability 
  • Planning for an emergency fund to cover her and her family for six months should unexpected difficulties arise
  • Streamlining her second and third pillars of pension fund planning together with experts

The Outcomes

  • Carina feels more confident and financially prepared to drive her business forward
  • She feels empowered by helping to preserve her children’s future through investing sustainably, as it matters to her that they live in a happy world 
  • Her conservative investment strategy gives her safety, as it gives her a buffer to the entrepreneurial risks that she faces

Another success story

Anna Sulzer

Lawyer & Banker
  • Worked as a corporate lawyer at a leading bank, now early retired
  • Income of 350’000 CHF a year
  • Wealth transfer due to separation CHF 2.5mn
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Anna Sulzer
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