Sofia Klocker

Young Entrepreneur
  • Young entrepreneur starting her own sustainable fashion business
  • Inheritance of 640’000 CHF from her uncle
  • Income of 120’000 CHF a year
I struggled to begin my journey as young investor. Now I mark it as done.

Client Journey

Sofia is an enthusiastic and creative fashion entrepreneur. She has a very busy schedule with lots of meetings and tasks related to her newly founded fashion business. She has almost no time to learn about investments, and since she has never invested before, she feels little motivation to start such a journey without support.

In a discussion with a colleague entrepreneur, she hears about the life-changing effects of having an investment portfolio. She starts to consider this as a possibility, as she could benefit from some passive income while also having a positive impact on the world. However, due to her busy agenda, she would need a reliable investment advisor which can quickly understand her needs.

The Challenges

Our team supports Sofia  with:

  • Offering personalized support and expertise
  • Creating a life-cycle and goal-oriented investment portfolio
  • Diversifying her wealth

The Results

  • Sofia can focus on her business while receiving extra returns
  • She feels confident and relieved about her financial situation
  • She can invest more time and energy into her business and other projects

Another success story

Anna Sulzer

Lawyer & Banker
  • Worked as a corporate lawyer at a leading bank, now early retired
  • Income of 350’000 CHF a year
  • Wealth transfer due to separation CHF 2.5mn
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Anna Sulzer
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