Marmot's Get-Together

July 7, 2022
3 min
Marmot's Get-Together
Our first in-person event in 2022 was an evening of positive connections, delicious snacks, and fruitful exchanges about investments.

Our Get-Together

Marmot hosted our first Get-Together of 2022 on Thursday, May 19th.

The event took place in the evening from 5:00pm to 8:00pm, in our outdoor courtyard, where we shared drinks and snacks with our lovely guests, our team and our estimable ambassadors.

Our Ambassadors and Marketing intern (from left to right: Violet Lentz, our intern Gabriela Simoni, Beatrice Jacot, Maha Daoudi, Darshana Salvisberg, Corinne Brecher)

Special speakers

During the event, our founder Tom Kuemmeke shared some inspiring words about Marmot’s purpose and his passion for female empowerment in finance. He told the guests a bit more about how the company was born and how its compelling story has developed over the past years.

Tom also took the chance to thank several important individuals that were part of this journey, including ambassadors, supporters and team members. We are deeply grateful to have so many enthusiastic people behind Marmot's mission.

We were also fortunate for the contribution of our two special speakers and board members, Maha Daoudi and Violet Lentz.

Their empowering stories and financial journeys have added great value to Marmot and to our gathering. These ladies' fascinating and unique lives are always interesting and insightful to learn about. Take a look below at the backgrounds of these speakers.

About Maha: Investor, Business Angel & Advisory Board Member of Marmot

Since she retired from the commodities day-to-day business in 2017, Maha Daoudi is a very active entrepreneur and private investor in selected industries such as fintech, biotech, foodtech, spacetech, sustainable luxury, arts & music, real estate and commodities, while closely managing a proprietary financial portfolio across all asset classes (equities, bonds, alternative and crypto). She also holds several Advisory and Board membership mandates where she advises hand-picked businesses in their growth and international development strategies.

Maha has over 20 years' international experience in the commodities industry across the value chain. As one of the very few senior executive women in that industry, she has an established track record in trading, developing, structuring, and financing commodities and infrastructure-related assets.

From 2005 to 2008, she set up and managed the Swiss trading arm of a large Moroccan conglomerate. She thereafter held several senior management positions at Trafigura, one of the largest international trading houses, where she was from 2012 to 2016 a member of the Metals & Minerals management committee.

Beyond her financial skills, commodities markets expertise and trading acumen, Maha is reputed for successfully building long-term alliances in challenging and complex international environments. She has been the architect of significant offtake agreements and large investments in mining, smelting and warehousing in support of trading businesses in China, Latin America, Europe and Africa.

Furthermore, Maha dedicates her time to social impact initiatives and mentoring in the areas of health, diversity and arts.She soon realized in her investor's journey the still prevailing wide gender gap in the financial and wealth management industries and she feels very proud to support Marmot and its community make an impact by empowering women and allowing all gender identities & expression to thrive financially, ultimately changing their lives to the better.

About Violet: Business Angel & Advisory Board Member of Marmot

Violet has over 20 years of experience in the financial industry across Europe and Asia. From 2016 to 2021, she served banks, wealth and asset managers on strategy and transformation at McKinsey. She was also a co-leader of the McKinsey Private Banking Survey. Between 2010 and 2016, Violet held a number of positions at Julius Baer including Senior Product and Project Manager and Investment Office Chief of Staff. From 2005 to 2010, she managed discretionary portfolios of ultra and high net worth clients at Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse.

She began her career in 1999 with MSCI, where she worked until 2005 in her last position as Member of MSCI Index Committee. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political Science and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) and Financial Risk Manager (FRM).

Violet is a South Korea born, Singapore raised, US educated Swiss citizen. She is passionate about empowering women to achieve their financial freedom so that they can nurture themselves and contribute positively to the world in their own fulfilling way.

Some of our delicious gazpacho.

Many delicious bites ...

It was a huge pleasure to hear the speeches and share other fascinating discussions around some tasty snacks and drinks - from delicious toasts and fresh gazpacho, to cold pressed juices and fruity white wine. Our catering was not only delicious, but also made with healthy and sustainable products, which align with our drive to contribute to the future of the planet.

While the event mostly took place outside, our guests also had the chance to visit our cozy office for some coffee and dessert. This made for some great memories in the place where all the magic happens here at Marmot!

Some of our guests connecting over finance topics.

... and positive connections!

During these times of market uncertainty and volatility, and after the long-lasting and constraining period of the pandemic, it was refreshing to host an in-person gathering.

This is a moment in which discussing finance and investments prove to be ever more meaningful. Seeking advice, support, and reference points from others is highly reassuring and comforting to those who invest.

During our event, we were happy to see our guests uplifting and motivating one another in their journey as investors, and as people. This was a unique opportunity to bond and openly discuss as a community about topics that matter, and that we all love.

We were delighted to see so many new connections being formed. People exchanged not only their phone numbers, LinkedIn profiles and business cards, but also many smiles and very exciting ideas. And in the end, ideas are the fuel for positive transformations and new achievements!

Hopefully, these moments have brought as much joy and striking insights to the many members of our community as they did to us. We wish that each and every attendee can take these memories and learnings into their own endeavors, as investors and as people.

Save the date for our next event

In light of our this positive atmosphere, we really cannot wait to see our dear guests again and to meet even more people who are inspired by our vision, or passionate about finance and investments.

If you would like to join us for our next event, take the chance to already save the following date on your calendar!

Date for Marmot's next event: August 25th, 2022

Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

Celebrating an evening marked by positive encounters and discussions.

On behalf of the whole Marmot team, we thank very much those who joined us for this memorable evening.

We learned a lot from each and every one of you, and look forward to our next encounter.

Our ambassadors and some members of the Marmot Team (from left to right: our Chief Investment Officer Martin Bürki, Violet Lentz, our Marketing Intern Gabriela Simoni, Beatrice Jacot, Maha Daoudi, Darshana Salvisberg, Marina Schubert, Corinne Brecher, our founder Tom Kuemmeke).

Check out some other highlights of this memorable evening!

If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. We are always happy to connect with you.

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