In the Success stories blog series we are showcasing interesting success stories of female entrepreneurs who were not afraid to change their career and build sustainable businesses that make the world a better place.

Changing life and aligning your values with your dreams is still possible.

Sofia de Meyer was working as a successful international legal advisor in London when she decided to leave everything to follow her dreams and work on a project that was aligned with her values.

Who said that what you want is what you need? Sometimes it takes a little time until you realize that happiness is more important than anything else.

Despite having a dream job, that allowed her to work for a well-known legal company and travel all over the world, Sofia saw many of her female colleagues of her age facing the same challenges. After becoming mothers, they had to return to their full-time jobs one week after giving birth because they were afraid to lose their jobs. Sofia knew that this was crushing with her values, thus she decided to leave her job and came back to Switzerland at the age of 30.

Her passion for nature and sustainability led her to establish her own company - Opaline. The juicing company produces eco-friendly drinks and has a sustainable business plan that values both human beings hard work and the environment.

She got the business idea when she was looking for healthy juices that were produced locally, but couldn’t find them in the shops. So she decided to start producing juices herself – and this was the moment when her juicing company Opaline was born.

With hard work and passion, Sofia showed that everything is possible if you really want it. Since 2017 her company sells more than 1 MIO bottles per year.

Fencing a juice right now? Check out Opaline Instagram account

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