Alexandra Krug

Alexandra Krug

Risk/ Compliance

Alexandra is the Risk/ Compliance officer and originally comes from the Ukraine. She brings many years of experience in corporate finance and corporate governance in big international companies as well as advisory experience in M&A and business growth.

Alexandra holds a Master’s degree in Economics. In 2016 she completed her MBA Program at the International University of Applied Sciences Bonn, Bad Honnef, Germany. She strengthened her professional passion to M&A by following an advanced studying program "M&A and corporate law" at the University of Zürich in 2019-2020.

Alexandra first started her career in the Ukraine, at big international IT companies. Starting from being in accountant and economist positions, growing to company Financial Manager and Group Controller.

In the past she has advised company`s management and supported fundraising and M&A activities. Starting from 2009, M&A has turned into her professional passion.

In 2013 she moved to Switzerland to follow her career as a consultant, and after graduating from the MBA program, returned to international corporate business.

Also, being responsible for companies’ investments as a portfolio controller, Alexandra has conducted business planning and regular portfolio assessments, securing company growth.

Alexandra joined the Marmot team in October 2021. She supported management in business planning, modeling, presentation to investors and preparation of FINMA approval. Since January 2023, she has been working in the role of Risk/Compliance Officer, supporting our management in the areas of risk, compliance and governance.