Tom Kümmeke

Tom Kümmeke

Co-Founder/Board of Directors

Tom is Co-Founder of Marmot Finance and has well over 10 years’ experience in wealth management strategy and advisory.

He focuses on integrated and institutional wealth management including investment strategies and entrepreneurial direct investments in wealth classes such as real estate and private equity.

Tom started his career as relationship manager for the multi-family office of a leading German private bank in Frankfurt and subsequently moved to Zurich as managing director and co-founder of the international family office
of the oldest private bank in Germany.

Having spent a number of years developing the business very successfully, he co-founded another multi-family office in Zürich as an expansion from a single family office, firmly establishing his presence and network in Switzerland.

Tom is a member of several family investment councils and has published on the subject of entrepreneurial direct investments as well he presented his findings and case-studies at numerous conferences.

A lawyer by training, Tom also expanded his academic credentials by studying economics and additionally completing a Masters of Law (LL.M) in Mergers & Acquisitions. He is a financial economist (ebs) and Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP).