Aline Wee

Working Student
  • Business Students pursuing their Master studies in Business Administration
  • Engaged into sustainability-driven initiatives at her University
  • Part time job at a female-led B Corp
  • Income of 85’000 CHF a year

Client Journey

Aline are passionate about sustainability. They strive to allocate as much of her time as possible towards initiatives that tackle social and environmental challenges. In addition, they strive to be an independent women and firmly believe in the power of gender equality.

Upon attending an event at her University, Aline comes across Marmot. She already knew about the importance of putting one’s money in the right place in order to have a positive impact, but she never felt like she was ready enough to invest. After hearing Marmot’s talk, she consider that she could start investing a small portion of her earnings from her part time job along with some of their savings. This would enable her to gain more control over her finances in a way that is aligned with their values. Aline were excited at the prospect of building the financial independence she desires, and of eventually buying her dream electric vehicle.

However, as she has never invested before, she has no idea of how to proceed. Aline would like to understand a bit more about investments and to talk to an advisor that would really be committed to their impact-driven ambitions. She decides to schedule a call with a Marmot representative.

The Challenges

Our team supports Aline with:

  • Creating their first value-driven investment portfolio
  • Investing their savings and income
  • Provide them with support in tackling concerns and questions

The Results

  • Aline has now a portfolio that is aligned with her values and goals
  • She feels independent, happy, and confident about her financial situation
  • She can finally buy her first electric vehicle

Another success story

Anna Sulzer

Lawyer & Banker
  • Worked as a corporate lawyer at a leading bank, now early retired
  • Income of 350’000 CHF a year
  • Wealth transfer due to separation CHF 2.5mn
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Anna Sulzer
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