Anna Sulzer

Lawyer & Banker
  • Worked as a corporate lawyer at a leading bank, now early retired
  • Income of 350’000 CHF a year
  • Wealth transfer due to separation CHF 2.5mn
- Wealth Management - Support in Marital Planning

Client Journey

Anna has built a very prominent career as a corporate lawyer. After her divorce, however, she felt lost and conflicted, as her ex-husband was always the one responsible for managing the family finances. She had a significant amount of money in the bank, but she was not so sure of what to use it for, nor how she could guarantee a comfortable retirement in some years.

A friend of hers in the same field referred her to Marmot as a potential client. Our team got in touch with her over the phone and invited her over to our office in Zürich for a first meeting.

The Challenges

Our team had to support Anna with:

  • Taking over management of her money for the first time
  • Planning her finances after her divorce
  • Making inheritance-related decisions

The Results

  • Anna feels like a new person after the challenging circumstances of her divorce
  • She feels relieved and confident about her long-term financial security
  • She tells her friends about the benefits of smartly investing their wealth

Another success story

Sofia Klocker

Young Marketing Manager
  • Young entrepreneur starting her own sustainable fashion business
  • Inheritance of 640’000 CHF from her uncle
  • Average Marketing Manager Income
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Sofia Klocker
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